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Space monkey in the place to be [entries|friends|calendar]
xinfraredx (Shalom)

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Pc and Laptop problems [14 May 2007|07:25am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Ok I don't have long, if I am busted on LJ here it is my ass.

Anyway, If you have emailed me or tried to contact me in the past few days, my laptop needs a new hard drive. I am planning on getting this all taken care of today.( I hope.)

Until I have that arranged I have no idea when I will be back on line =(

<3 I miss you all more than Starbucks!

That is like a lot!

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Life as I know it [14 Apr 2007|02:31pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Ok I have like a few minutes to actually tell you all what the hell is going on with me.
Since I have been in charge in my department, I have lost the ability to be on line, I have been working my ass off and really just been so drained I have no energy.

Well I was excited; the light at the end of the tunnel was getting all this crap done so I would be the shining star and move into the position I wanted. (That and get that damn sidekick)

Well on Thursday I was pulled in the office of the head of Marketing. (I have never been in marketing..So WTF?) Anyway I thought for sure I was losing my job for something, what I am not sure.

Nope I was told I would be moving up to Marketing doing fuck all I know about and that is was for about a month (which has now turned into 4 months) I didn’t want to fight it, as it might look bad right?

Well so I am committed from what I gather and sure as shit Friday I find out the position that I have been working my ass off to get is open and now I can’t have it! I am furious!

Instead I have to do this project I know nothing at all about and that I have never done before. So I am not sure how this will go over now.

As far as everything else; I am ok. I have several interviews for Noize. I have the gigs to look forward to. I am seeing Brian. I have passes and I am in the need for a serious Molko Holiday!

Tonight is Type O Negative, but I am not going. I have no time and the new album was crap. (not a surprise I know) But we covered Blue October, and I am excited to see Az in the near future! He is coming out my way all the way from ROME so that makes me smile.

At least one thing is working out well ha-ha. But I am off. We need to head out the the British shop for Placebo and ourselves.

I miss you all a lot! And I hope to talk to you soon!

<3 Heidi
<3 Las
<3 other Heidi Ha-ha..
<3 Arie

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Up coming week [25 Feb 2007|03:53pm]
[ mood | awake ]

This week at work will either be a busy rush of trying to learn a lot or I will be bored out of my skull.

I have to try to get my work done as well as my bosses. It will be an interesting week to say the least.

So I might not be about as much as I would normally when I am at work, but I will try to say hello at least and give loves! Ha-ha.

I have been throwing things together for Noize as fast as I can, but I think that the new layout that I want won't be up until April. Between that, work, planning the gigs, the interviews and multiple dental appointments I am way busy. (I have to get my wisdom teeth out ACK)

If I am not about I am sooo sorry. I will miss you all <3

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happy Valentines [14 Feb 2007|09:56am]
[ mood | awake ]

Hello all happt Heart Day!

That is all


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Jyrki 69 and Maryslim~ The Corrosion [09 Feb 2007|07:53am]
[ mood | sick ]

Yeah ok this is hot!

I have to write this down before I forget!

This is why I love Vamp games!

Le sigh!

This is open for all to see, all other entries are friends only.

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Hei (Public due to content) [23 Oct 2006|08:28am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

A few points before I work my ass off to catch up with all I have to do:

1) Had a great weekend with Heidi, Placebo and Stephanie!
2) Placebo was great! Good fucking gig.
3) Got to see Dizzle and Ash (that is always a good thing.)

But the real thing that I wanted to mention is that Trashlight Vision as a lot of you know have canceled the duration of their tour. The reason being may also not be unknown. Acey was attacked by a man from behind with a bottle and was hospitalized and went through some surgery to get things in line. He is alright. He is suffering from some ear problems but will be fine.

What kind of man comes up from behind and hits a nice guy like ACEY in the back of the skull repeatedly? Yeah you will get yours.\

Get well Acey!!

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